Inaugral Blog

Welcome to my first blog on Blogger. This blog will be primarily my observations on ICT in a school setting.

I am an e-learning Integrator in a K-12 school in Australia. I am primary trained and I have been teaching "computer" for 7 years. Last year I was given the privileged position of an e-Learning integrator when my teaching load was reduced. This year I have had my teaching load reduced even further which now enables me to work with both staff and students to look at ways to integrate the use of technology into the classroom.

I have a not so hidden agenda of helping my two children become competent users and positive online citizens of the 5th dimension (online). I am not interested in cool tools or fashion. I am interested in resources and tools that enhance learning. If that learning happens to fun for students and teachers that makes me even more excited.

This blog will be my personal observations on resources and activities in  e-learning . I will be documenting my journey and discoveries. I would love to hear your feed back on what I have written, so we can provide each other with ideas and resources that truly enhance learning. Follow me so we can share our findings together.


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