What does coding teach?

Educational value of coding
There has been discussion on the value of coding. Does teaching coding to Primary aged students steal valuable teaching time from literacy and maths. What does coding teach?

Ultimately reading, writing and spelling skills are among the most important skills students take from education. Communication empowers people to learn and do more with their life.
Skills taught in coding

Coding teaches
  • Logic - work through an order of steps
  • Perseverance -  must solve the problem
  • Problem solving
  • Reading if following online tutorials
  • Group work

Coding can be used to teach
  • Procedure writing
  • Recounts
  • Descriptions
  • Information Reports
  • Expositions
  • Maths - 2 D shapes and angles
Some of my most enthusiastic coders are average spellers and readers. One student was receiving ed support and I didn't know. Coding is a motivation to read. I have other students who are poor spellers. When typing code in HTML, codeacademypencilcode.net students learn programs won't compile if a word is misspelt and have developed a reason to learn to spell.