Personal Interest Project Part 2

What happens when you use Personal Interest Projects in Secondary?

At the beginning of term 4 I took over a year 10 IST. To address the learning outcomes linked to the the future uses of technology I designed a Personal Interest Project that utilised the schools Makerspace.

You can:
  1. Justify responsible practices and ethical use of information and software technology
  2. Analyse the effects of past, current and emerging information and software technologies on the individual and society.

Students were given a Project Sheet.
One of the key components of the project was blogging. Students were required to keep a record of their progress using a blog. The Project Sheet included a list of possible questions they could blog about. 

The topics covered included:

Unfortunately I did not have a camera on hand to take pics of the amazing products in the class presentations.
Congratulations goes to the blog on Gender Equity. The girls responsible for this blog have been published on Their blog can be found is the section blogs for teenagers: