Future of Schools

In March 2015 I spoke at Future Schools in Sydney. 
The overall theme for Future Schools was evolving education. Where are we going now.

Some of the ideas for the future of education included:

  • Teaching without textbooks
  • Computational Thinking
  • Australian Curriculum - Digital Technologies how can NSW, NT and TAS teach this curriculum?
  • Coding
  • Asking unGoogleable questions
  • Makerspaces and 3D Printing

Teaching without textbooksPeter Ward, Delaney College at Granville

How to teach without textbooks? Peter Ward from Delaney College in Granville outlined their approach to teaching year 7 without textbooks.
  1. Designed a building to cater for 5 year 7 classes and 5 teachers
  2. Made the decision to not use text books
  3. Redesign units of work to include unGooggleable questions.
  4. Modified the timetable and subject names.