The value of Social Media at EduTECH, Brisbane

Registration for a conference…mmm you would there is no takeaways or learning points right? When you use social media this is not true. Registration for a conference becomes a networking opportunity to meet new people and put faces to names of people you have spoken with online.

It was a privilege to meet @eric_mazur who was gracious with his time to chat and even took time for a picture. I am looking forward to his talk tomorrow on assessment.

A conference is not just about learning it about connecting. When you are online there is always people to meet, catch up with and follow especially at a conference.  Before even getting to registration I bumped into @ZeinaChalich of #aussieED and @rolfek. Lots to chat about regarding Makerspaces and our latest projects.

The best thing about social media is putting faces to names and there were lots of opportunities for that at Dinner on June 1.

After years of following Principal @E_Sheninger it was a great opportunity to meet and chat on the differences in education between the USA and Australia. Lots of great conversations about amazing things people are doing in their schools and classrooms.

Getting in the lift at the hotel I then bump into @janehunter01. An academic from the University of Western Sydney. She ran an amazing workshop of her research in teaching science in Primary Schools.

The most amazing thing, of all these people I had only met two people face to face before. The rest were like new/old friends. Our virtual connections continued when meeting for the first time. I can not encourage you highly enough to develop your online connections for professional and personal development.

By far my most valuable conversation was with @Adrienne_Erwin who described her novel approach to 9 and 10 IST and how she has gamified her classroom. Truly inspiring.


  • Research Quizlet for use with students to develop their own content for tests. They then share the tests with their peers and coach them until they receive 85%
  • is a shortener to add Google Tone to Chrome. Tone is definitely on my list of tools to try for young students.
  • Explore virtual badges for use in Gamification
  • Continue on social media to expand my professional learning network.