Makey Makey Interactive Poster

The curriculum is overloaded, how to integrate new technologies and coding without adding additional content. The key is to integrate the ideas. This lesson took 2 hours and we completed it in one 2 hour session.

I found students specialised and completed the tasks they were interested in. Ensure you have equity with access to all tasks eg: boys don't dominate the connecting while girls colour. Girls and minority groups may need encouragement to do the coding and connect the makey makey.
Incomplete poster that shows
the beginnings of lifecycle.

Goal: Create a poster that illustrates the lifecycle of a tomato.

The poster could be modified to cover any outcomes or lesson ideas. 

Prelearning: 2 lessons

  • Research on lifecycle of tomato
  • Art lesson - still life on how to draw a tomato



Scratch Coding blocks - Teacher cheat sheet ☺ 
Connecting the Makey Makey to
split pins on rear side of poster


  1. Draw the tomato lifecycle on the cardboard.
  2. Insert 1 split pin at each stage of the life cycle (5 for coding above).
  3. Insert 1 extra split pin on the poster for the earth wire.
  4. Log into scratch and reproduce blocks above.
  5. Record a description for each stage of the life cycle. 
  6. Connect the Makey Makey to the split pins on the back of the poster.
  7. Ensure the points on the Makey Makey match the events in Scratch.
  8. Connect the earth on the Makey Makey to the extra split pin on the poster.
  9. Test
  10. Display


Original idea credited to +Martin Levins at ICTNSW workshop.