Ada Lovelace Day - October 10

What are your plans?

Ada Lovelace is truely cross curricula, her father was a poet, she studied maths and science and she is credited with being the first programmer before there were computers to be programmed. Why Ada Lovelace Day Matters.

Who is Ada Lovelace?

Did you know Lord Byron the poet only had one legitimate a daughter? Her name Ada Lovelace Byron. His wife - Lady Anne Isabella Milbanke Byrononly tolerated his philandering ways for a short while and left him when Ada was 8 weeks old.

Lady Anne had Ada tutored in Maths and Science so she was not go the way of her father. Ada went on to study Advanced mathematics at a time when women did not study mathematics or go to university.

At 17, Ada went on to work with Charles Babbage who is credited with inventing the first programmable computer. 

Ada was later asked to translate an article on Babbage's analytical engine that had been written by Italian engineer Luigi Federico Menabrea for a Swiss journal. She not only translated the original French text into English, but also added her own thoughts and ideas on the machine. Her notes ended up being three times longer than the original article. Her work was published in 1843, in an English science journal. Ada used only the initials "A.A.L.," for Augusta Ada Lovelace, in the publication.

Sadly Ada has only recently been credited with her achievements. She was possible the first programmer before there were programmers.

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Have your got any plans for Ada Lovelace day on Tuesday 10 October?

English links

  • Investigate Ada Lovelace and her achievements, then investigate her family tree. Lord Byron the poet is Ada Lovelace's father.

Maths and Science

  • What did Ada study in Maths and Science? What did she achieve?
  • Investigate and represent data using infographics on gender income differences, representative % of women in STEM, Nobel Prize, Literary prizes, Presidential Medals, Order of Australia Medals

TAS/Computer Studies/History

  • History of Programming
  • Investigate languages written by women eg: COBOL, Enigma Machine
  • How did Ada Lovelace impact on Charles Babbage's computational machine?
  • What was the role of women in deciphering the Enigma Machine - WWII

Film Studies

  • Film studies of amazing women who challenge the status quo? 

Other inquiry areas

  • Can you find any other amazing women in your field of interest who have not been acknowledged?