Paper Circuits

Creating paper circuits is an introductory activity to teach about the concepts of circuits and switches. It can also be used for prototyping etextiles. Paper circuits can be used at all levels by students and adults. To work with copper tape students will need to be able to manage copper tape which is like working with sticky tape. 

Paper circuits can be used to add bling to dioramas, poster and models in subjects that don't usually incorporate digital systems, such as Art, History, Geography, Science. Paper circuits can be used to prototype more complex systems. There are now a range of resources that allow you to create more complex circuits that also include digital technologies such as stick on stickers and sensors. ChibiTronics were created by Jie Qi and she show cased a range of projects that incorporate copper tape and micro-controllers.

This is an example of Jie Qi's integration of paper circuits and micro controllers with Art. Original link

This activity is for Hopper DownUnder, Brisbane July 31, 2019.

The link below is to the paper circuit templates used in the workshop to create a badge with a light.


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