7 books for use in a unit on Plastic

Picture books can be used to enhance a non-fiction unit.

These 6 books have applications for units on sustainability and plastic.
These picture books open a range of themes and topics that could be expanded on depending on the interests of your students and the inquiry questions to post prior to reading the books.
  • Living things - impact of human behaviour on ecosystems
  • Sustainability (general capability) Volume of waste - sustainability of human lifestyles - How do we reduce waste?
  • Material World - how can materials be used in different ways? What are alternatives to plastics? What is plastic made of? and how is it made?
  • English - compare and contrast different texts, purpose, audience, method, infographics, pictures, language.
  • Data - explore facts and figures in the books or that are found online, regarding amounts of plastic, time to decompose infographics.
  • Vocabulary - degradable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, reusable
  • Art - use plastic to create art and sculpture
  • Design - design and produce ways to reduce the use of plastic
    • something to replace plastic
    • clean up plastic
    • recycle plastic
    • New ways to package foods and products
    • instead of plastic
    • create something using plastic

Kids fight Plastic by Marten Dorey

Plastic - past, present and future by Eun-Ju Kim


What a Waste - rubbish, recycling and protecting our planet by Jess French


Somebody swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts


A planet full of plastic by Neal Layton


One plastic bag by Isatou Ceesay


Plastic Fish by Trash Heroes