Using technology to investigate branching

Year 1 have been investigating branching, decisions and flow charts.

Lesson 1: Making decisions about what activities to do during whether

Investigating branching with paper flowchart shapes. Stick them on a page and use arrows to indicate possible decisions. 

Lesson 2: Use Microbits to randomly select

Program Microbits to make random decisions. 

On Shake 
Display randomly the weather
Sunny (round image) or Rainy (Umbrella)

On Button A pressed
Display randomly selected clothing
Sunglasses or a jumper

On Button B pressed
Display randomly selected activities
Zoo (Giraffe) or Park (Duck) or House or Beach (Wave)

Use the Microbits to write down a new flowchart.

Write down what is selected.

  • Discuss crazy combinations the computer selects.
  • Discuss how we can not always trust decisions made by computers. 
  • Have they had any experiences with Siri or Alexa making silly suggestions or saying things that don't make sense.
  • Reinforce that it is important that we question the information computers provide and always think if they make sense.

Lesson 3: Writing lesson

What are your selections?
The weather is ....
I am wearing ....
I went to ....

Using the prompts to write a story about the selections the Microbit chose for you. 
Encourage students to be creative with their ideas being sure to link the ideas in the writing prompts.