5 resources to integrate technology

The hardest part of integrating technology is thinking of the project ideas.
Here are 5 resources to help with integrating technology and still cover your educational outcomes.
ScratchJr can be used to create animations to illustrate stories, concepts and create games to demonstrate knowledge. Webinar on teaching algorithms with Scratch Jr 

Use Beebots

Beebots can be used to teach simple algorithms and content simultaneously. Algorithms are a series of ordered steps the BEEBOT must follow.
Beebots can be used to teach position, left, right, back, forward or a more complicated activity might include grid references (A1 to F8) and cartesian plane or compass directions. The topic of the mat could also mean you are covering money, alphabet, shapes or flash cards used with a clear mat. How to use Beebots video.


Micro:bits can be used to address digital technology outcomes specifically or integrated into other areas of study. The projects found in the Microsoft course cover various themes and can be used in the context of work on probability, living things or government. There are many projects published online that can be found with some good search terms.


MakeyMakeys can be attached to any model or diorama and create an interactive display. By using scratch.mit.edu you can record a script that describes the display. Remember to look at the Makey Makey Facebook group or the Instructables website for more project ideas.


Spheros are frequently used with navigating mazes, this links to mathematics outcomes for position, grid references, angles, geometry. They can also be used in the context of a forces unit. More activities can be found in the Sphero educator portal.

Design Challenge

Bonus Resources

The CSERMooc.blog is an Australian resource linked to the University of Adelaide's free online courses for teachers to learn about how to teach with digital technologies. The CSERmooc.blog is the community for each of the free online courses. Join Wordpress to allow you to log in and then search the thousands of resources that have been uploaded by teachers.